What is Rapsodia?

Rapsodia is the centre of research for design and innovation using the philosophy of Design Thinking to advise and help companies and institutions working on innovative projects.

Your innovation department 360º

We act as an external department of innovation for all types of organizations, working with a holistic model which allows us to point out and investigate the needs of our customers, coming up with innovative results and developing the best tailored solutions.

Design Thinking as a philosophy

Design Thinking is our philosophy, a way of doing, of thinking and acting, based on design, centered on the user and focused on boosting innovation in all types of companies, having as a result a more efficient and accurate way of improving products and services.

Cool Innovation, a new concept

We are far from being an innovative laboratory with white coats and test tubes. In Rapsodia we are experts in what we call cool innovation. Attractive innovation for people. Innovation to improve the relationship and experience between brands and users.

What do we do?

We are Sherpas of innovation. We are here to guide and accompany all types of companies during their way to the peak of their innovative possibilities.

Investigación para la innovación

Research for innovation

We develop strategies and innovative projects aimed at elevating sustainability and growth in all types of businesses. We are experts in innovative research, development of products, services and experiences that enhances brand to user interaction and relationship.

Co-Creación, un método para investigar

Co-Creation, a method of research

Using the method of co-creation, we are inviting our clients and their users, together with groups of Stakeholders and disruptive profiles to participate in the same work environment in searching for joint new ideas and opportunities, and working collaboratively to finding the best answers.

Jugando a innovar

Playing to innovate

We use dynamic games to spark creativityand lateral thinking between companies, creating at the same time a much more welcoming and uninhibited environment where nobody is afraid of throwing challenges, ideas and solutions, however daring they may seem.


We are omnipresent innovation. We drive innovation where others can't.


Turning an idea into a concept and a concept into a product is the greatest achievement of mankind.


Creating a brand is similar to creating a cathedral. A long-term project needs a solid foundation in order to stand on its own.


Environments influence people in the way that they can collaborate or compete, inspire or discourage, thrive or fail.


Today, all of our kids are basically born with a tablet under their arms. If you don´t digitalize yourself enough, you will run out of time and resources.


Companies also need innovative solutions from the inside out.


Imagine two cafeterias, one next to the other. Both sell exactly the same cafe at the same price. What makes the one of them being full and the other one empty is the design of services.

The Rapsodia Method

We have patented the method that will revolutionize your business.

Método Rapsodia Método Rapsodia

A weapon to innovate

The Rapsodia Method© is our weapon for mass innovation, a proprietary and patented method which minimizes the maximum risk in innovative projects used for companies and institutions, tested in different organizations and in many sectors.

A simple and a complete process of innovation which brings a multidisciplinary, dynamic and creative vision to the most complex challenges through design thinking, co-creation and cross-sectoring.


A perfectly tuned orchestra

Rapsodia needs the best orchestra not to give a single false note. In this regard, we have formed a multidisciplinary team which is capabe of always playing in perfect harmony.

Directores de Orquesta

Francisco Navarro

Francisco Navarro

Cofounder & General Manager

Dimas E. Agudo

Dimas E. Agudo

Cofounder & Innovation Manager

Carlos Lard&iacuten

Carlos Lardín

Cofounder & Account Manager


Jonnhy Saye

Communication and Brand Strategists

Micky Riquelme

Alina Agudelo

Cofounder & Social Innovation


Salva Fernández

Product Design Manager


Carolina Rodríguez

Project Manager Head


Simon Nwachuya

Service Design Head


Stéphanie Beaulac

Research and Development Planner


Agi Recio

Marketing and Communication


Sofía Akepsimidis

Digital Marketing and Comm

Virgina Ramirez

Virginia Ramírez

Executive Coach


Laurie Tan

Growth Hacker


Ryan Edwards

Growth Hacker


Kasia Bedra

Creative services & spaces

Eloy Párraga

Ian Dorr

Growth Hacker

Mina Die

Mina Die

Poliedric Mind


Roxana Rodríguez

Value Engineer


Minahi Ortiz

Finantial and Bussiness Head


Encar Gallardo

Creative Marketing


Ana Marín

Creative Marketing

Jawad Romaili

Jawad Romaili

Devil's Advocate


Joana Salle

Art & Achitecture Head

Corentin Degraeve

Corentin Degraeve

Creative Marketing and Public Relations

Andrea Pacheco

Andrea Pacheco

Project Manager


Nav Sidhu

Innovative Technical Implementation


Debbie Bekris

Marketing and Innovation Tactician


Minette del Rosario

Marketing Strategist


Meylin Irias

Marketing Research


Juan y Pedro Poveda



Nora Lapadatu

Tourism Innovation


Alejandra Ntutumu

Marketing digital Manager

Manuel Nortes

Manuel Nortes

Tech Thinking


Our home is your home

The environment is a great influence when it comes to the process of creating and our traditional office needed upgrades, so we decided to design a space that offers everything you need to enhance creativity, disruptive thinking, co-creation and a pleasant atmosphere. In this sense, we are making our space available to our customers so they can make use of every corner for their inspiration, meetings, presentations, events or if they just want to play.

Welcome to Rapsodia Innovation Center.


Innovation has the role to open borders, so we also work with various enteties and organizations in European innovation projects.


The add of experiences and projects give us a multisectorial know-how, some of the clients that have trust us are.


How can we help?

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